The Management of Bredhurst Village Hall, Registered Charity no 302696 is vested in the Hall Committee, whose powers are defined in the Constitution. The Committee is empowered to make and amend rules governing the use of the Hall, if necessary without prior notice. The Conditions of Hire appear below :-

1. Liquor Licence – The Hall has a liquor licence authorising the sale of alcohol, but the following terms must be adhere to at all times and you must apply to the management before allowing alcohol at your event in any form,  if you are not appointing the halls recommended bar provider, the completion of an additional form/terms is required.

2. Nuisance Prevention – The Hall is fitted with a noise limiter. Instructions for its use are placed next to the power sockets on the stage. Amplifying equipment must be attached to these stage sockets only. The Hirer should note that the noise limiter will cut power to the stage sockets if the double fire doors to the car park are opened. Power can only be restored if the doors are properly closed and the black button under the control unit at the back of the Hall is pressed once. There is no objection to opening these doors before 9:30pm and provided that the control unit is not in use and music is not being played, but the unit must be reset afterwards, as described above. After 9:30pm all doors must be closed, anyone socialising in the Hall’s outside areas must come inside and any noise outside the Hall must be reduced to an absolute minimum. Loud              conversations, shouting or running outside is not permitted. Cars must leave as quietly as possible. The Hirer should announce this to those using the Hall. It must be             remembered that the Hall is in a residential area with elderly people’s bungalows opposite. Complaints could result in the loss of the Hall’s licence. Hall Hirers are not permitted to extend their event onto land that is not part of the Village Hall grounds (this includes the playing field and playgrounds directly behind the hall) and smoking must be         confined to the rear garden only, not the main entrance to the hall. The use of fireworks is strictly forbidden. Hirers are asked to respect local residents by not parking blocking driveways or the highway.                                                                        


3. Public Entertainment Licence – This is available for inspection and displayed in the hall. The Hirer is responsible for due observance of all conditions stipulated by the          Licensing  Authority.  The following terms must be adhere to at all times.


4. Safety Requirements

a. The maximum room capacities specified in the Fire regulations applying to the Public Entertainment Licence and the Theatre Licence must not be exceeded. These are:                      closely seated audience – 200 persons; dancing – 180 persons; seated at tables – 90 persons; seating at tables and dancing combined – 110 persons; exhibitions – 60 persons.

b. Obstructions must not be placed in gangways or exits, nor in front of emergency exits which must be kept clear to allow free public access.

c. Fire fighting equipment shall be kept in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose. Fire extinguishers are situated in the main hall and in the kitchen area, In addition a fire blanket is provided in the kitchen.  The hirer must advise all delegates of the evacuation procedure.

d. For any large function, or any function involving children, the Hirer must appoint reasonable adults to act as stewards. These should be aware of the means of evacuating the hall in an emergency, the means of summoning the emergency services and the positioning of the fire extinguishing appliances.

In the event of a fire or other emergency the Hirer’s first duty is to ensure that the occupants leave the Hall quickly and quietly and that any disabled persons receive suitable help. He/she should then summon the emergency services.

5. Hall Clearance and Security – To enable the Hirer to leave the Hall in a tidy and secure condition you will need to allow at least 30 minutes clear up time before the end of your time in the Hall, and ensure the hall is fully vacated no later then midnight. The Hirer must ensure that the Hall and car park is vacated at the end of the period.

“Clearing up” includes :-

a) Tables wiped down and stacked in the store area. Chairs to be stacked correctly on the trollies and as few as possible left on the stage. Chairs must not project from the recess beyond the edge of the stage. Table & chairs must not be dragged along the floor.

b) Hall and kitchen to be swept and left clean. Rubbish to be placed in plastic sacks with tops tied off. These to be placed in the wooden bin store at the side of the Hall.

c) All lights, including cloakroom lights and garden lights to be switched off. The toilet and entrance foyer lights are automatic. The Hirer may make use of the time delay switch on certain external lights.

d) All toilets are to be left clean and in a state in which you would expect to find them at the beginning of a hire.

e) Security – All windows must be closed and secured, exterior kitchen door locked, fire exit doors properly secured and main door locked.     


6. Loss or Damage to Hall Property – Any loss or damage (during or as a result of booking) to the Hall or its contents or surroundings (fair wear and tear excepted) will be chargeable against the deposit, as will any contravention of the conditions relating to the cleaning and clearance of the Hall relating to extra payments to the cleaner. The    Committee reserves the right to make a legal claim against the Hirer in the event of the cost of repair of loss or damage exceeding the amount of the deposit.

7. Users Equipment/Car Park – Equipment belonging to users of the Hall must not be left overnight in Hall. The committee cannot be responsible for loss or damage arising from this or any other cause. The Hall must be left clear for cleaning in the morning. Also, the Committee cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to cars or other property parked or left in the car park.

8. Insurance – The Bredhurst Village Hall Committee is only insured against claims arising out of its own negligence. If the Hirer considers it necessary he/she should effect    insurance for third party claims made against him/her and insurance for any personal loss, damage or injury.

9. Deposit – The Hirer is liable to lose part or all of the deposit in the event of direct financial loss to the Hall funds as stated in paragraph 6 above. In addition, the Hall committee in its absolute discretion may retain all or part of the deposit as a fine in the event of undue noise pollution, or nuisance of any kind to neighbouring householders, or in the event of breach of paragraph 3, or in the event of the Hall not being left as required, as detailed in paragraph 5 above.

10. Our Data Privacy Notice can be found at

NOTE: Where a charge is being made for admission, tickets must be purchased from the organisation hiring the hall prior to the event, not at the door. Advertising, tickets, etc. must comply with the terms of hire accepted at the time of booking particularly with regard to session time, terms of admission and Local Authority rules and by-laws.

Should you experience any issues whilst hiring the hall, please call 01634 540095
select option 2 to speak to the hall manager