Q | What do I do if I need urgent help whilst I'm hiring the hall?

A | We have a hall manager and other committee members who are all volunteers and happy to help where they can, if you call the halls number 01634 540095 and press option 2 when prompted, you will be directed to either the hall manager or someone who will try to help.

Q |Can I gain early access or stay later then the booked time slot?

A | We urge you to consider carefully how long you need in the hall to set up and clear down, as the hall is very popular and after you make your booking, it is likely that other bookings will be taken around yours, we also have to arrange for cleaning and other maintenance jobs to be fitted around bookings.

Gaining access to the hall the day before or after your event is not possible unless you book the hall and pay accordingly, this is because we book the hall 7 days a week and require access for cleaning and maintenance. You will not be able to leave anything in the hall outside of your allocate booking and if you decided to book extra days, and you leave anything in the hall, this is at your own risk.

If you which to amend the booking times, please contact our booking secretary and he will be happy to assist you where possible. 

bookings@bredhurstvillagehall.com01634 54095 option 1.

Q | The power has died on the sockets in the hall, how can I turn it back on?

A | The hall has a sound limiter installed to protect the peace of the local residents and elderly accommodated in the bungalows opposite the hall.  It is quite tolerant and only triggers when excess music or bass is used. Opening the fire doors to the front of the hall will also trigger the limiter. If you need to reset it, you will find the reset button almost directly above the entrance doors in the main hall. The button is black and looks just like a door bell. Press it once to reset, remember the doors must be closed for it to work. 

Q | Can I adjust the temperature/heating in the hall?

A | The hall has a remotely controlled thermostat which is controlled by the halls committee. We like to ensure the hall is a good temperature for you and will turn the heating on prior to your booking. If the temperature isn't quite right, you may make an adjustment via the circular and black looking control panel situated on the hall between the ladies toilets and the bar. We would ask you to make only slight adjustments as this is all you will need and will avoid yoyoing from hot to cold to hot. 

Q | Can we use the grounds around the hall?
A | Your guests have priority for use of the car park, and when the hall is being used, the sign asks anyone else not to use the carpark. The halls own garden is private for use by you the hirer and your guests, the halls terms prohibits noise in the garden beyond 10pm. The field behind the hall is not owned or controlled by the halls committee, we request you to refrain from entering this space, we also notice the Parish Council has a sign stating the field is a no alcohol zone. Any enquires regarding the field should be directed to Bredhurst Parish Council. To help respect the halls neighbours you are required to ensure your guests use only the halls private garden for outside activities and never congregate to the front or side of the hall. This is a very important matter and your deposit could be at risk should this stipulation of hire not be adhered to. 

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